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All classes are free unless designated otherwise.  Sign-up for space limited classes will start at 10am on a 1st come
basis.  Please see class descriptions for supplies needed and endless, desperate, British drama references.
The Paradise - Like the first department store, Ravelry has revolutionized the world of knitting and crochet. Not on Ravelry yet or new to
Ravelry?  Learn about some basic features and excellent reasons to spend a LOT of time browsing there.    WiFi enabled devices are
encouraged but not required.  Taught by the Head of the Knitting Department, Miss Heather Wilke.  .  Classroom: The WIcked Stitch  

Sense and Sensibility - Want to blend beautiful spinning fibers, but sensibly afraid of the expense of a drum carder? Ever wonder how those
lovely rolags are made?  Watch this blending board demo and find out!  Taught by the Lady Jessica Henderson.  Classroom A.

Upstairs (Color Theory Part I) - This will be a ladylike overview of color, with a touch of theory and a lot of discussing, looking and perhaps
a spot of tea in the drawing room. What colors do you like?  Do you buy the same color yarns, clothing and accessories?  Explore the
possibilities to expand with new color pairings.  Bring your favorite skein or preferred colors (of the right sort, of course).  Your hostess is the
Lady Julie Loring.  Classroom C.  

Downstairs (Color Theory, Part II) - We will be getting to the heart of things now!  You will get to work discussing color theory and better
understand your affinity for your color choices.  Bring your favorite colors in yarn, photos, or something you have made.  Limited to 10 students.
Your Head Housekeeper (color keeper?) is Ms. Julie Loring Classroom C.  

Endeavour to make Amigurumi  - Love those cute crochet toys and find it a mystery to how to make them?  You will come to the correct
conclusion with this class!   Students will need a worsted weight yarn and an E or F hook.  Class is limited to 15 students.  Your DCI is Inspector
Melissa Dalke.   Classroom A.  

Breathless - Do patterns with charts leave you gasping in panic??  Learn how to surgically analyse these charts and then use them with ease.
 Students will need a worsted weight yarn and US7 or 8 needles.  With your doctor, Meg Marchant Wickham.
 Classroom B.   11am

Silk -You will hear the case for knitting an unspun, handdyed silk hankie into a soft, luxurious fabric.   After listening to the evidence you will
have to rule guilty!
 Students will need to purchase a kit ($20) and bring US6,7,or 8 needles.  Please make sure your hands are as smooth as
possible and moisturized before class to avoid snagging silk (and tamper with evidence!) Classroom D  

Shearlock - Unravel the mystery of taking lovely sheared fibers (and locks! Get it??) and turning them into uber beautiful spinning batts!  All the
ins and outs demo-ed and  logically explained.  With the Lovely Miss Nikol Lohr.  Located at the Art Club booth.  

Woolton Abbey - Love the upper class look of cables but are afraid they may be terribly difficult?  You do not need to be a Duchess to learn the
basics.  Students will need US7 or 8 needles and a worsted weight yarn.  With the Countess of Cables, Heather Wilke.  Classroom: The Wicked

Persuassion- It won't take much to convince you to drop spindle!  Learn to spin your very own yarns with a spindle.  Bring your own fiber and
drop spindle or borrow one from the instructor.  Taught by your lovely governess, Miss Laura Mead.  Classroom D.  

Return to Crocheted Roving Rugs - Back by popular demand, make a quick and gorgeous crochet throw rug out of smooshy, alpaca
roving!  Class size limited to 8 people.  Alpaca rug kit required for class ($38).  Taught by gentlewoman Marta Howe.  Classroom: Alpacas of
Wildcat Hollow booth.  

BeginningGame - Sometimes your go-to method for casting on just doesn't work for a pattern.  Learn several other cast-on methods for any
situation.  Students will need worsted weight yarn, US7 or 8 needles, and a crochet hook of appropriate size.  Taught by your peaceful leader,
Heather Wilke.   Classroom A.  

Woolricker - Keep your textiles safe from spies and evil doers!  Whether it is a vintage piece, an heirloom, or just something you wish to keep
long term, learn tips and tricks of textile preservation in this class.  With secret agent Karla Hempstead-Denton.  

Woolander - Unravel the mystery of different drafting techniques!  Find many different ways to draft your spinning fibers and learn how to make
them work for you.  Taught by Inspector  Violet Davis.  Classroom D.

Tunisian Crochet - Learn Tunisian crochet, also known as afghan stitch. Students need to purchase kit ($5).  Class limited to 15 students.
With Christy Straw. Classroom: RJs QTs booth.  

Page Eight - Feel like you lost the page on the arm knitting craze?  Well, come find out what you are missing and learn one of the hottest
trends in knitting.  No previous knitting experience needed.  Students need a super bulky yarn and their arms.  If we told you who teaches this
class...we'd have to silence you.  (But it might be Jennifer Schermerhorn)  Classroom A.
 Time 2pm

Little Dorrit - (Sorry, just sounds like a good name for a bunny!)  Get an overview of the different types of Angora rabbits.  Learn about their
care, grooming requirements, as well as harvesting and spinning their fiber.  Bunnies are an awesome fiber animal that won't send you to the
poor house!  With gentlewomen Ruth Hawkins.  Classroom: The Wicked Stitch.
 Time 3pm

Locker Hooking - Learn this awesome rug technique using unspun roving!  No need to knit or crochet!  You will be making a mug rug with
dyed mohair roving.  Students will need to buy at kit for class ($16).  Class is limited to 9 students.  Taught by Cherie Olsen. Classroom A.  
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