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Reading the Signs- Know how to crochet, but have no idea what all those sqiggles and abbreviations are on a pattern?  Get guided through a modern, written, crochet pattern and the
universe will be yours!  Students will need to bring a size H hook, worsted weight yarn, and sticky notes!  Class sized limited to 15.  - Taught by the queen of the crochet scene Susan Hudgens   -

The Fabric of the Universe - Has weaving always interested you, but has a loom seemed intimidating?  Come see an Inkle Loom at work!  Small and narrow, this friendly loom
makes wonderful trims, straps and belts.  - with Linda "Time Warp" Stanfill - 10:15am

May The Twist Be With You- Learn the basics of Bavarian Twisted knitting to create cables and traveling stitches. Students will need worsted or sport weight yarn with appropriate
sized needles.- taught by Jedi M
aster Heather  Wilke - 10:15am - Handouts

Fundamental Interconnectedness of all Things - Learn the three most common methods of joining crochet pieces!  Perfect for your garments and afghans!  Students will need
to bring at least two granny squares, contrasting yarn for joining, a crochet hook, yarn needles and a pair of scissors.  Class size limited to 15. - with the queen of the crochet scene, Susan
Hudgens - 11:15am

Time And Relative Dimensions in Lace - If you've ever tried it, you know you can get lost in it with out a good guide!  Learn the basics of lace knitting and never be afraid of creating
a hole again!  Students need size 7or 8 needles and fingering or sport weight yarn. - with your guide to the Lace dimension Brigette Hayes - 11:15am
- Handouts

Cast me On, And Off, Scotti!e- One cannot live by Long-Tail alone!  Learn several different cast-ons and bind-offs for knitting, and when you should use them.  Students need to bring
a 7 or 8 sized needle, and a worsted weight yarn. - with Stephanie "Tough enough to wear red" Powers - 11:15am

Guide to the Galaxy Tip #1 - Crochet A Roving Rug- Make a quick and gorgeous crochet throw rug out of smooshy alpaca roving!  Class size limited to 8 people. Alpaca Rug
Kit  required for class-$38 - with your captain on the USS Alpaca, Marta Howe - 11:15am

Lunch Break - "Time is an illusion.  Lunchtime doubly so." -   But in  Wamego we have restaurants standing by to help!

Guide to the Galaxy Tip #2 - Be Prepared to Crochet like a Native- Or at least we will have you covered if you land in Eastern Europe or Scandinavia! (Remember, other
planets have a North!).  Learn the basics of Bosnian Crochet, a beautiful form of slip stitch.  Students will need a J or K crochet hook and a worsted weight yarn.- with your galactic guide Heather
Wilke. - 1pm
- Handouts

Blocking, the Final Frontier! - You're not done until you're blocked!  It transforms lace and stranded knitting, makes cables pop and evens out your stitches.  Make your project the
best it can be with these tips. - with Brigadier Karla Hempstead-Denton - 1pm
- Handout 1 - Handout 2

Its Bigger on the Inside- Learn how to use a pre-spun core to spin a uniquely beautiful yarn!  Students need to bring their wheels, 2 singles at least 50 yds long and a Kate or bowls to
hold their singles - This is a two hour class. Cost -  $25. - with Deb "The (Spin) Master" Waggoner -1pm  

Quantum Twist! - Learn about the Lucet and watch a demonstration on how to use this tool to make beautiful cords and braidings for any project! - your intergalactic shepherd is RJ Straw
 - 2pm

Guide to the Galaxy Tip #3- Always bring a Spindle! - Learn to create yarn with a drop spindle.  Cheap, and extremely portable, it is the perfect way to be fibery anywhere in
the universe. Bring your own spindle and fiber or borrow one from the instructor.- with Laura  "The (Spin) Doctor"  Mead - 2pm

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Interlocking Crochet! - Learn how to create reversible fabric by  using basic crochet stitches.  Students will need a size I hook and
worsted weight yarn - with the your Communications Officer Cathy Grigsby and Science Officer Bonnie Strobel - 2pm

To Boldly Go Where No Knitting Has Gone Before- Does your knitting bark?  Does it burp?  It will once you've learned the Brioche Stitch!  How can you  resist? Students will
need size 5 needles and a worsted weight yarn. - with Heather "The Bold" Wilke - 3pm
- Handouts

Don't Blink! - Or you"ll miss how your can knit with a crochet hook!  (Why, what were you thinking?)  Students will need a Knook hook and a worsted weight yarn - with Cathy
"Fantastic"Grigsby and Bonnie "Geronimo" Strobel - 3pm

So long, and thanks for all the Beautiful Batts -   Watch scrumptious fibers and other fun things be made into uber lovely spinning batts with a drum carder!  All the ins and
outs demo-ed and explained! - with Nikol "Allons-y!" Lohr - 3pm
- Handspun art yarn, wool and pygora rovings and fiber, felted items
and cards
- Hand-dyed yarn and fiber, batts, Make Your Own Batt Bar, Fricke
and Ashford Wheels, Strauch Drum Carders, handmade date books,
- Yarn, rovings, fiber, lazy kates, kits, and finished Alpaca products
-yarn, rovings, spinning fiber and finished alpaca products.
- Hand-dyed fiber & yarns (lace and sock weights), handspun
yarns and art yarns, and cute fiber accessories.
-unique OOAK bags and purses, kumihimo jewelry, pendants and
- Handyed fibers, yarns, handcrafted needle cases and bags, beaded
stitch markers
- Alpaca yarn, rovings, spinning fiber and handspun yarns
- Lovely Hand-dyed yarns and rovings, handspun yarns, handmade
batts and hand woven items
- Wonderful hand-dyed yarns of all weights, unique hand dyed
fibers and patterns!
- Dreamy mohair locks and handdyed yarns!
- Amazing dyed fibers and yarns.  One of a kind, artistic garments by
Marci Blank
- OOAK felted garments, jewelry and other unique items!
-Hand carved crochet hooks, drop spindles, knitting needles and more!
All classes are free unless designated otherwise.  Sign-up for space limited classes will start at 10am on a
1st come basis.  Please see class descriptions for supplies needed and endless, nerdy sci-fi references.
- Natural wool, mohair and alpaca yarns and fibers from a young
Oklahoma shepherd!
- Handdyed and handspun yarns, fibers and beautiful things!
- Chair massages for back, shoulders and neck.  Also special
massages for carpal tunnel and elbow stress!
- yarns, fibers and garments from the farm's Pygora herd!
- Spectacular hand-dyed fibers and yarn
- Yarns, and original works of fiber art
- Llama and wool yarns and fibers from the Lazy-T!